Bespoke Treatment

Training Brains provide bespoke treatments to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

After an initial consultation, a treatment approach is developed to achieve your goal.

This can include one or more of the evidence-based therapeutic tools available




Cognitive Training

Brain Stimulation

Depending on approach, treatment can be successful after only 5 weeks


Treatments are designed to change behaviour,

but visible behaviour is only the tip of the iceberg…

Thoughts, emotions, feelings, and physiology underlie behaviour.

While counselling focuses on thoughts and feelings to change behaviour,


neuropsychology focuses on brain physiology where the problem is located


Targeting the Brain

as your brain does everything:

helping your brain work better, 


resolves your problem

Treatments are carried out in a private office in Leatherhead

Depending on approach:

Health Insurance customers are welcome

Recent patient reviews

“After looking at all my options I decided I would email Monica and see if she could help. That was 1 of the best decisions of have made in a long time.I made an appointment for an initial meeting and we discussed my issue and all the possible options I had. We agreed to twice weekly meetings for 2 weeks and if we both felt we were making progress we would have extend this for a further 3 weeks.I was initially struck by How calm and patient Monica was and she was explaining everything to me as went along. If I am entirely honest, I still don’t really understand all of the science behind what we did, I just know that it has transformed me and 2/3 months on, I am still feeling the benifits. I would not hesitate to recommend Monica to anyone that is looking for help..”

“When I met Monica in early June, I was at a very low ebb. Straight off she was very calm and reassuring and after an initial consultation, proposed a course of ‘stabilization’ tasks and processes, together with counselling, as my ‘skills set’ improved. I guess, especially given my state of mind, I was hopeful but possibly a little sceptical…. However, that soon changed, scepticism giving way to optimism…… which is not my usual place at all! Within a couple of weeks, at 2 sessions a week, I was undoubtedly feeling the benefit. I was amazed at how effective I was finding the treatment and how it cut straight to the bone of my specific issues. I completed the six week course recommended and was again amazed at the progress I’d made within such a short space of time. Start of June I thought I was a lost cause….. by the end of July, I knew I wasn’t….. Thank you Monica for helping me.. :o)”