Dr. Monica Berntsen

is a Counselling Psychologist and Neuropsychologist providing specialist psychological and neuropsychological assessments and treatments.

She helps people recover from stroke, brain injury and neurodegenerative disorders by helping the brain repair itself and regain functioning.

She also helps children and adults with mental health problems  using therapies that target specific problems.

Monica now works for Psymplicity: https://psymplicity.com/

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Mental Health


If you have suffered a stroke, brain injury or neurodegenerative disorders, you may have lost the ability to:

Regaining function

Functions depend on dedicated neural networks in the brain.

When a network is broken by stroke, damage or neurodegeneration, the function is damaged too.


The function can be retrieved by repairing the broken neural network,

using non-invasive brain stimulation and problem based training

Behavioural control

is the ability to make intentional and rational behavioural choices.


If you have poor behavioural control, you may struggle with: 

Regaining control

Behavioural control can be regained with

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

and learning Mindfulness!

Patients with private health insurance are welcome: